Attracting New Tenants to 600 South Avenue

Westfield, NJ
Reenvisioning 600 South Avenue

Concerned about the potential loss of a major tenant at one of their properties Westfield, New Jersey, we developed a marketing package for its developer, Murray Construction, showing potential tenants just what could be done with the site.

It is a 66,400-sf, three-story building Westfield, New Jersey, constructed in 1983, that sits in a prime location, a few blocks from the Westfield NJ Transit station, and provides convenient access to many routes. But with the lease of the building’s main tenant—a major American banking company—expiring in a couple of years, developer Murray Construction sought to attract a replacement. Murrary asked our firm to provide Mancini’s conceptual design services for a marketing package, showing potential tenants how the site could renovated to meet the expectation of a 21st Century workforce.

Design Concept

To take greater advantage of an existing atrium, we’ve recommended replacing the walls surrounding it with glass, and removing walls separating each floor’s elevator lobby from the rest of the space. Not only will this make a key feature of the space more visible, it will increase light penetration throughout the building. To appeal to tenants desiring an easygoing environment, we proposed an “Honesty Marketplace” on the second floor elevator lobby, a pantry area with food items that can be paid using the honor system. We also performed two test fits—one premised on a highly collaborative and anti-hierarchical work environment, and another assuming a client with more conservative ideals about space planning.

With our conceptual design assembled into a marketing package, Murray Construction is currently using it to gauge interest in the site.