In a nutshell

Are you a seasoned designer and looking for what’s next? Unafraid of projects that are fast paced– more like, afraid of ending up with projects that are all the same? Do you enjoy challenging clients to rethink how a spatial experience can improve hospitality service efficiency and enhance dining ambience? Do you have a knack for communicating a synthesized visual and verbal design story, not just once it’s all on paper, but when it’s still in the brainstorm ‘cloud’? Do you work best with a team, invigorated just as much by mentoring up-and-coming talent as you are by a full team brainstorm sesh’? Then we are looking for YOU.

In short, Mancini is looking for an intermediate interior designer that lives for the adventure in whatever comes their way and can roll up their sleeves and Get. It. Done.

Does this sound like you?

Mancini is looking for a design oriented, and technically robust Intermediate Interior Designer who is driven by all phases of design programming particularly for commercial kitchens.

The goods, if you got them

As an Intermediate Interior Designer with a focus on hospitality at Mancini, you are a part of a dynamic and evolving team. Acting as a keystone to your project team, you are responsible for ensuring that the design process of each project assigned, from conception to delivery, is operating at the best it can.  That the team is looking at every angle. That each line on the paper has gotten the proper attention. That every part of the end result, from the light bulbs down to the floor finish, support the end design goal. That the best design solution is delivered for each challenge presented. And you will have the opportunity to keep the design energy going across a multitude of client types, project scales, budgets, and schedules.

A day in the life

So, let’s get down to it. An Interior Designer’s responsibilities vary throughout the day and on each project. They vary by project phase as well, but generally you can expect it to include things like:

  • Creating detailed test fit layouts for front-of-house dinning areas and back-of-house commercial kitchens.
  • Leading conversation with clients on typical kitchen equipment specifications and strategy for how kitchens and service areas should be laid out to support the operational goals.
  • Leading selection and sourcing of restaurant standards and materials hospitality and kitchen FF&E items.
  • Leading and fostering clear communication through the project team, relative to the design.
  • Conducting regular intervals of coordination with consultants and Project team and communicating with vendors.
  • Conceiving and generating design ideas relevant to clients needs and support the Senior Designer or Director in establishing the project’s goals and mission statement.
  • Working with the Project Manager and Principal to manage the provided schedule of work across multiple projects at a time.
  • Presenting design concepts and solutions to the client through various mediums from hand sketches and drawing to 3D models and rendered visuals.
  • Working with Project Architect and junior designers to produce 3D models, visualizations, drawings, details, etc. relevant to the interior design of things such as millwork and furniture.
  • Developing furniture and finish specifications and schedules specific to client’s targeted budget range.
  • Working with the Project Architect to design layouts and millwork compliant with local ADA guidelines and code required clearances.
  • Provide review of design-related submittals or response to RFI’s during Construction Administrations phases.

Relevant experience and mindset

Okay, let’s talk about what you bring to the table because chances are you have so much to offer. Missing something on this list but think you’d be a great fit? Apply anyway!

We value people who are:

  • Multifaceted like a Diamond: Sure, the person we’re looking for has studied interior design and has had about five years of experience. But many of our prized interior designers are more than that. Some also have studied political science or philosophy, worked in finance, or made a killing playing video games. This interdisciplinary spirit allows us to see a project from a variety of angles and contribute in all sorts of unexpectedly valuable ways.
  • A Natural Communicator: Given that the job requires conducting the efforts of a diverse team the size of an orchestra, great communication skills are an absolute must.
  • Self-driven: If a problem comes up, their pride won’t get in the way of admitting they need help, but they’ll research a problem thoroughly to see if they can solve it themselves.
  • Flexible: They understand every problem has a unique context and a unique solution. They know that while experience is important, relying on approaches that worked in the past won’t always solve the problems of the future.
  • Supernaturally Organized: Their work proceeds in a logical, thoroughly documented way; even if their work was half-way finished, another interior designer would be able to look at it and immediately understand.
  • In the Digital Thick of It: Knowing Revit, AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite is mandatory. Knowing Rhino and/or SketchUp would be great. And knowing Lumion would be fantastic. All that said, for Mancini—a technology company at its core—we look for people who are exploring technologies we have yet to tap.

Think we’d get along?

Reach out and tell us you’re interested – apply, email, give us a shout. Don’t worry about bringing your best suit, just bring your best work and let’s get to know you. If you are nervous or not sure you have all the qualifications, contact us anyway. We have no filters, and we won’t filter you either, by keyword or otherwise. Give our Talent Team a chance to see if you’re the one!


One more thing: Please make sure any attachments are under 10MB or provided via a link to download.

To all recruiters: We only accept agency submitted resumes from agencies we have a formal contract or agreement with and only after that agreement is active. Mancini Duffy is not responsible for fees associated with unsolicited recruiter submissions.