November 11, 2022

ARCAT Podcast

In this episode, Cherise is joined by Christian Giordano, President & Co-owner at Mancini Duffy and Jessica Sheridan, AIA, Principal at Mancini Duffy. Christian and Jessica share insights into their experience as architect of record for The Tin Building, 96 South Street in New York City, New York, designed by SHoP Architects. Set under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, the two-story building offers an unexpected array of culinary experiences designed to delight and engage the senses –including multiple restaurants with open kitchens, innovative retail concepts, and an impeccably stocked central market.

Originally built in 1907 as the center of the Fulton Fish Market, the Tin Building is a landmarked structure within a landmarked neighborhood. Mancini, as architect of record, facilitated the move of the building 33 feet to the east—disassembling the historic structure and reassembling it at its new location—while also elevating it 6 feet so it would be above the 100-year flood plain.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities – raising and relocating a 100+ year old historic building, the challenge of equally highlighting both historic and new architectural elements, coordinating extensive kitchen mechanical systems to provide a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing design of rooftop equipment and penetrations, and much more.

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