April 20, 2022

Business of Architecture Podcast – Effective Succession Planning with Mancini Duffy

BOA Members were privileged to participate in an exclusive Live Event with Mancini Duffy, one of the most innovative Architecture and Design Firms of today. Joined by alumni BOA Podcast guests Christian Giordano (President) and Bolanle WIlliams-Olley (CFO), were Bill Mandara Jr. (CEO), Scott Harrell (Principal), and Jessica Mann-Amato (Principal). Mancini Duffy shared their experience with how they got out of a culture slump, creating a business structure that lasts, mentoring, maintaining a legacy while implementing effective succession plans, how to move an office, acquisitions, and growing into new market sectors. BOA Members were able to have their questions answered around firm composition and leadership structure, reserving shares and valuation. Mancini Duffy who is well-known for their business acumen, leadership, and culture, shared their insights and suggestions, including details on their research & development arm to the firm, known as the “Design Lab,” which is focused on technologies that create an immersive design process.



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