December 12, 2019

Commercial Architecture Discusses Mancini’s Efforts Creating the Future of Design

Recently, new publication Commercial Architecture (commARCH) published a feature article discussing the future of design as we roll into a new year and new decade of 2020. The recent uptick in convergence of technology and design from significant advances in things like computing power and workforce shifts as technologists expand to industries outside of tech is pushing the design industry forward like we’ve never seen before.

Mancini has been at the forefront of these shifts long before most in the industry. Out own Michael Kipfer, Principal and Director of Research & Development, spoke with commARCH to detail how Mancini has been integrating technology into the firm’s every day practice since 2016 in ways unlike others in the industry. Kipfer explains how we’ve worked with clients to evolve our design process to enable smarter decisions to be made earlier in the design process, like we’ve done with Boqueria:

“We don’t say what the design challenges are, it just comes out through the specifics of each project. When other firms were using VR for aesthetic purposes we thought it’d be good to use for simulations. Take for example our client Boqueria, a tapas bar in NYC that’s also been expanding to other cities. Because they’re located in existing spaces it’s impossible to standardize the kitchen layouts.”

Kipfer goes on to discuss Mancini’s predilection to develop our custom tools rather than waiting for others to develop them for us, and gives a call to action to other firms to do the same. We do this by hiring and leveraging team members who are technologists or developers who have a background or passion for design.

To read the full article, visit the commARCH feature here.