September 1, 2019

Christian Giordano Wants You To Throw Out Your Trace Paper

Christian Giordano joins a panel of forward thinkers in the building design and construction industry to discuss the evolution of the design process for the 2019 Shadow Summit, a multi-day conference where people from around the world learn about innovations, technologies, and markets that will improve the built environment.

“Architects have been using the same methods of communicating design for centuries without change,” explains Giordano. “We’re spending too much time translating a 3D environment into something 2D, which loses lots of valuable data. If we can build from our 3D models directly, we won’t need paper construction documents anymore – we’ve killed the old way of doing things.”

“We can do all this through collaboration and technology,” he adds. “It will be interesting to discuss how we’ve evolved Mancini’s design process with these thought leaders from across the industry, I’m really looking forward to being part of it.”

The panel, which includes THRUX, Suffolk Construction, and Jaros, Baum & Bolles, will explore opportunities where design and construction can converge into a seamless, collaborative process while pushing the boundaries of the typical building process.