March 24, 2019

Research & Development Takes Center Stage at Tech Talk

At Mancini, technology and it’s potential to change our industry is what drives our research and development. Recently, we had the opportunity to share what we’re working on with staff at Interior Design Magazine during a lunchtime Tech Talk. Mancini Principal Michael Kipfer and our in-house developer Jeff Anderson presented the new technologies and services we’re creating that have the capability to unlock the traditional design process.

Kipfer shared details on how we use virtual reality, drones, 3D printing, projection mapping, smartphone apps and other technologies and softwares to help our clients make easier decisions through better and more collaborative design. After the presentation, we let the group play in our Deployable Virtual Reality Arena, which we set up on-site in a matter of minutes. There, they walked around our designs and interacted with the space using our Mancini:Toolbelt software.

For more details on the program from Interior Design, head over to the Interior Design write-up on the event.