February 6, 2019

Mancini Hosts Temple University Architecture Students

Students enrolled in the Architecture Program at Temple University’s Turner School of Art recently stopped by our New York City office to get an inside look at the technology applications and complex projects that we’re currently developing.

“I find students learn best when they see the real-world applications of technology and dynamic architecture,” said Chris McAdams, Architecture Department, Temple University, Tyler School of Art.

After a day of touring the sights in NYC, the students got to take a look around at our office, meet some of our designers, and get some hands-on experience in working with our Virtual Reality software like Mancini:Toolbelt.

After a crash-course in how our clients use technology, found in the Design Lab, the students piled into our conference room to hear about the complex and fascinating design and construction process for TSX Broadway, a mixed-use retail, theatre and hospitality skyscraper in the heart of Times Square. Associate John McCampbell, TSX Broadway project manager, guided the students through the process of lifting the historic Palace Theatre up three floors and then reconstructing a hotel on top of it, while simultaneously digging down to integrate ground-level retail in one of the busiest intersections in the world.

“Experiencing the innovative ways Mancini is applying technology to their everyday design practices, and their amazing work on the TSX Broadway project, I knew that the students would get a lot out of a visit to the firm,” McAdams said.

After the presentation, the students gathered with Mancini designers to hang out for a casual happy hour. Together, we got to explore more projects in VR (and maybe play a few games as well!) and offer some real-world insights to the 21st century practice of architecture.