May 4, 2018

Michael Kipfer Speaks at BuiltWorlds Second Annual Machines Conference

The BuiltWorlds Machines Conference explored the future of tools, equipment and machinery, from fabrication to the field. Mancini’s Michael Kipfer, cofounder and director of Mancini’s research and development initiative, was on hand to speak about how Mancini is looking to the next generation of technology and equipment that enhance and optimize the workflow of projects in the built environment.

Michael showed a video of one of Mancini’s restaurant clients taking a virtual tour of his kitchen designs using the firm’s virtual reality equipment. The video illustrates how the ergonomic experience of virtual reality helped the client find inconsistencies in the design and make updates in real-time so the final plans reflect all the changes.

Michael spoke about how technologies like virtual reality are helping Mancini to cut costs, save time in the design process, significantly affecting how the firm collaborates with its clients.