Professional headshot of Karina Henry

Karina Henry

Where are you from?

Let’s just say I’m from Russia, it’s easier than pronouncing my hometown!

What would Spotify say is your most-played track?

No surprise here—Enjoy the Ride by Morcheeba. Even though I’m all over the place music-wise, trip-hop has been my favorite for over a decade.

What’s the best thing about working at Mancini?

Having the opportunity to grow my skills and evolve your passions is inspiring. I love how dedicated to design people are around here.

Can you share the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Just stop worrying about the process,” said my mother. These wise words stick with me and apply to so many situations.

What’s another interesting fact about you?

I love writing by hand and adore good penmanship. Almost all my notes are in cursive. I find it liberating: handwriting gives you the option to doodle, literally, when you’re in search of an idea and figuratively, by putting your mood and feelings into the physical world.

What’s the technology this firm uses that most often surprises and impresses clients?

We got to work on an Augmented Reality app for a contest and it was a HUGE hit for our team.

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