Carmen Epstein

Where are you from?

I was born in Texas and have family roots there but have lived in many states. My dad served in the Army, which I’m proud of, so we lived in states across the country as well as Germany for a time.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career?

The Gannett/USA Today Headquarters in McLean, Virginia, while at Lehman-Smith McLeish and the Pew Charitable Trust in Washington, D.C., while at Gensler in Washington, D.C., are a couple of my favorites. Both had a profound effect on the organizations for whom they were designed.

What’s the best thing about working at Mancini?

The office is bright and happy, buzzing with energy. The views are great, too!

Can you share the best advice you’ve ever received?

Work with people who challenge you and always look on the bright side of life, because, you know…the Monty Python song.

What’s a typical weekend like for you?

My husband and I are fortunate enough to have a little old house in Old Chatham, New York, where we can escape the hectic city. We’re basically the reverse Oliver and Lisa Douglas of Green Acres!

What is one piece of technology you wish existed today but doesn’t?

It’d be great to see autonomous cars driving around!

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