Veria Ayurveda Center

Monticello, New York

The Veria Ayurveda Center is not about mere buildings; it is about the experience of balance. Our task for this project was to redevelop the world-famous Kutsher’s Hotel into a 300-acre, 200-room resort dedicated to the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Conditioning the body to achieve balance is a major goal of Ayurveda, so we sought to elicit balance between the site, nature, and oneself.

For example, the resort is planned so that as guests move from one venue to another, they experience a seamless sequence of journey, arrival, and discovery; furthermore, its architecture is designed to blend into the landscape through the use of untreated materials in accordance with sustainable practices. Guests are further encouraged to achieve balance in their own lives through the resort’s many health-related amenities, including exercise facilities, a treatment center and spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a championship golf course and clubhouse, and a museum.