Mars Wrigley Newark

Newark, New Jersey

Something Associates at Mars Wrigley Newark Confectionery know well is the power of choice. Every day, the marketing and sales teams of the 32 brands that make up the company’s diverse range of products develop strategies that empower consumers to choose their product over a competitor.

For their new offices in the historic Ironside Building, a recently repositioned industrial building in Newark, New Jersey, we designed a dynamic new office space that is inspired by the building’s history and supports Associates’ freedom of choice through free-addressing, a strategy that is evolving how people interact and work. As Mars’ workplace evolves, so does its way of thinking and drive to attract and retain the talent that will develop ambitious new brand initiatives.

Mars Wrigley Newark Design

During design planning, we articulated how Mars’ Associates will operate over the next 5 years and into the future. At Mars Wrigley Newark, fun and creativity, flexible workspaces, and areas for collaboration are vitally important to the way each team functions.  Occupying the buildings’ top three floors, the new space is strategically designed to offer a diversity of workspaces which are divided into neighborhoods throughout each floor, supported by an amenity program that will help attract and retain creative talent.


These neighborhoods accommodate a variety of interchangeable furniture kits that offer choice of workspace type for each team to efficiently collaborate with each team, other groups, and their clients. We carried out extensive research with Mars’ Associates to evaluate space ownership preferences, which are reflected in our design.

These kits are our strategy to support the attraction and retention of talent, provide the best venues to get work done, and support the Market Hub’s internal and external connections.


Each of these neighborhoods include enclosed multipurpose rooms for individual, focused work or private meetings. Additional zones for open collaboration line the periphery of the work areas, adding to the mix of spaces where individual or group work can take place. Pops of color offer opportunities for Mars’ branding to shine through, creatively activating brand ownership throughout.

Mars Wrigley Newark Amenities

Amenities also take center stage at the new marketing and sales hub. Each floor has distinct spaces where Associates can gather, take a brain break, or socialize with each other. On the fifth floor a variety of spaces like a snack shack with the ever-important carbonated water tap, wellness rooms, and lounges offer great spaces for a break. Also, the fifth floor is home to the social media department, with a hub that includes workspaces that encourage sharing of ideas and three photo studios where the team can take photos of people and products.

The Mars Wrigley Newark sixth floor houses a full floor of workspaces, a tech bar to service IT for the Associates, another snack shack, and a monumental staircase leading to the penthouse that is designed to offer yet another space where people can do their work.

Opposite the flexible work areas on floors five and six, the seventh-floor penthouse is designed for flexible ways to meet and gather. It’s here where diversity of space offers multiple ways for teams to interact, as full teams or with their clients.  A variety of conference room sizes hold different configurations, there is something of appropriate size and scale for any sort of meeting. A large multipurpose room can be divided into two mid-size rooms or opened to seat up to 100 people for trainings or other events. Pre-function areas in the conference center lead to the company store and café.

The café sits in the corner of the penthouse and provides a place where Mars Wrigley Newark Associates can enjoy the abundant natural light. Floor-to-ceiling glass curtain walls allow sunlight to pour into the space and glass doors offer access to a 10,000-square-foot roof terrace, a coveted amenity for any office space. Tables are arranged around a prep area designed to accommodate the various offerings of local restaurants and vendors to host Associate lunches and events.

A Town Hall completes the penthouse amenity space. Accessed by a glass garage-style door, the space performs two functions: as an extension of the café dining area or as a gathering space for all-hands meetings. A stage takes up an entire side of the space, which is designed to accommodate all 450 Associates in the office and features integrated technology that supports presentations, broadcasts to other offices, and announcements.