Energy Capital Partners

Multiple Locations Nationwide

Whenever Energy Capital Partners expands its presence throughout the United States, they believe any new location should be an opportunity to reinvent the workplace and capture the local lifestyle and spirit. So for every project, we work hard to ensure that their offices show the influence of the local attitude and aesthetic, and integrate craft-like details with elegant proportions that emphasize the organization’s sophistication while evoking the spirit of youth, simplicity, and modernism.

Our relaxed yet sophisticated approach to the planning and use of their spaces relies upon clean lines and bright open spaces that mirror the energy of their team members. We place a strong focus on entry lounges and state-of-the-art client-ready spaces where they host weekly leadership calls across all offices and frequent investor meetings. A dining environment with a well-stocked pantry is always a front and center feature, and supports the healthful environment that the leadership team strives for. Finally, we carefully curate their growing art collection to reinforce a warm and familial hospitality throughout.