In a hundred words or less

We know that there’s a new breed of designers out there.  They know that there’s more to interior design than ‘finishes and feels’.  That, behind every successful interiors project, there’s a harmonized team of designers, architects, mangers, engineers and consultants.  That, in order to make an impact, a designer has to immerse themselves in the nitty-gritty, find the glamour in the mundane, and most importantly find balance between the practicality and the experience.  We also know these designers, don’t come off an assembly line.  It takes first-hand experience, mentorship, a supportive team, and rapport just as much as it takes drive, initiative, and brain power to get there.

In short, Mancini is looking for junior designers that are willing to jump in, role their sleeves up and help us move the needle forward while we help them cultivate their skills and push themselves forward.


Does this sound like you?

Junior Interior Designer at Mancini are a part of a dynamic and evolving team.  Acting as the right-hand support to their team’s Intermediate Designers, Senior Designers, Design Directors, Project Mangers and Project Architects, their day-to-day responsibilities project phases, from helping a client form their vision, to translating an idea into a design clients can see, to creating drawings a contractor can build, and finally in the end, to ensuring the execution matches the original vision.  In all phases, proficient use of REVIT, AutoCAD and 3D modeling software such as Rhino is integral to this role.  All designers must have a Bachelor’s degree in Interior design, Interior Architecture or Architecture.  Additionally, all Junior Interior Designers at Mancini are encouraged and supported to pursue NCIDQ certification.


A day in the life

A Junior Interior designer’s responsibilities vary throughout the day and on each project.  They vary by phase of the project as well, but generally include things like:

  • Supporting the design team in development of furniture, lighting and finish specifications
  • Assisting in the production of a set of interior construction documents (including material schedules, furniture plans, elevations etc)
  • Developing space plans and test fits under the direction of a Senior Architect or Designer, as it pertains to egress, efficiency planning and furniture layouts
  • Assisting in research of topics ranging from code research and vendor research, to client branding and a site / project context
  • Developing process sketches and diagrams to communicate iterations of a proposed design concept
  • Compiling programming data
  • Developing design presentations and visuals for client meetings
  • Gathering finish samples, coordinating with vendors, and building physical finish palettes

Think we’d get along?

Reach out and tell us you’re interested – apply, email, give us a shout.  Don’t worry about bringing your best suit, just bring your best work and let’s get to know you.  If you are nervous or not sure you have all the qualifications, contact us anyway. We have no filters, and we won’t filter you either, by keyword or otherwise.  Give our Talent Team a chance to see if you’re the one!


One more thing: Please make sure any attachments are under 10MB or provided via a link to download.

To all recruiters: We only accept agency submitted resumes from agencies we have a formal contract or agreement with and only after that agreement is active.  Mancini is not responsible for fees associated with unsolicited recruiter submissions.