July 18, 2019

New York Real Estate Journal Names Mancini CFO Executive of the Month

We’re pleased to announce that Bola Williams-Olley, Mancini CFO and shareholder, is featured in this month’s New York Real Estate Journal as an Executive of the Month. The honor is part of a series of feature articles that highlight real estate, architecture, engineering and construction industry influencers and wave-makers.

The Q&A article gives readers insight into why Bola invests in Mancini as a shareholder, highlights and challenges from her career, current non-profit initiatives, and insights into how leaders can impact their business.

“My career experiences have taught me that we should challenge ourselves to make bold moves more often – it’s amazing what we can achieve if we just go for it,” Bola says. “I’ve seen people at Mancini make the same bold leaps with their own careers and the firm fully supports those aspirations. We have set big goals and are making the strides to achieve them, which will have tremendous value for our industry moving forward.”

Bola also went in-depth about how our research and development program started and continues to evolve how we deliver design to our clients to drive the architecture industry into the future. “Ultimately, it’s our clients who will receive the immediate benefits of these initiatives, but I think our industry’s future with applied technology is extremely bright.”