June 20, 2019

Mancini Adds New Shareholder, Continuing Strategic Growth & Design Industry Impact

In 2017, Mancini began reinventing itself by transitioning ownership of the firm to a new generation of leadership, establishing a new group of shareholders. This evolution continues with the addition of Mancini Chief Financial Officer, Bolanle Williams-Olley, as a shareholder where she will support the long-term, strategic vision that is aiming toward continued growth.

“During her time with us, Bola has been instrumental in shaping our business and streamlining our finances, something that often takes place behind the scenes and can easily go unnoticed,” said Christian Giordano, president and majority shareholder of Mancini. “Working with Bola, I’ve experienced first-hand what she’s capable of and I’m excited to see how this investment in the firm will propel our overall vision forward.”

Williams-Olley was named CFO in May 2018 after realigning the firm’s financial strategy. The firm’s ownership transition not only saw a change in leaders, but a new thinking on the way it delivers design services with a technology-first approach. Williams-Olley has been instrumental in aligning the firm’s financial and operational positions with this evolution. As a shareholder, she will continue to have a direct impact on managing the firm’s finances and operations at the highest level, ensuring this vision is successfully executed.

“I believe in what we’re doing here at Mancini and I recognize that what I’ve been able to accomplish doesn’t happen everywhere in our industry,” said Williams-Olley. “To me, being a shareholder means I have a vested interest in the way our business is run, the types of work we seek, and how everything ties into our overarching goals. Personally, to have come this far in my career is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, and it’s my passion to empower those who I can reach to attain their own personal and professional goals, too.”