Global Technology Company

Annapolis Junction, MD

Agility is one of those words that often inspires images of graceful gymnasts or dancers performing at the height of their ability. But it’s also a term to describe design, especially when it comes to the workplace. Technology has driven change and agility in the workplace for decades, heavily influencing how office space is designed and how it functions. Today, employees seek companies that offer a variety of spaces to meet the ever evolving needs of their employees and their schedules.

Recognizing this, this Global Technology Company sought out Mancini to develop new, agile offices in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, to house their Wireless Networking Groups, the largest of the company’s nine working groups. After settling on a location, the client tasked Mancini to provide test-fits and together, concluded that the best option would be to utilize hoteling for their work stations and conference areas.

Hoteling takes its cues from—you guessed it—the hospitality industry where guests utilize space on a reservation basis. With workstations operating from this model, Mancini was able to capture key areas around the available space for collaboration and support spaces, providing density yet openness within the floorplan.

Spread across two and a half floors, the 55,000-square-foot office for this Global Technology Company’s wireless networking group aims to inject a fresh perspective into the brand. Level one houses a conference center, training room and additional amenities with the upper floors containing the agile workplaces. At the entrance to each floor, large windows, plants and seating areas create a central “courtyard” that acts as a welcome zone for staff. From there, workstations, gathering rooms and support spaces radiate out, taking advantage of the natural light.

Mancini was also challenged by Verizon to rethink conventional office finishes, while operating on a tight schedule and budget. Using corrugated metal, industrial fixtures and customized plywood, the design team at Mancini was able to pull off the desirable industrial loft-like space inspired by tech firms across the nation, but with a specialized twist. Plants and plush seating provide a comfortable contrast to these materials, adding depth and character to each zone. Hanging industrial lighting fuses ambience and functionality.