We’re always looking

Maybe we’re looking for you? Our family of architects and designers are constantly seeking out talented individuals to join us—and whether you’ve got decades of experience under your belt or are just fresh out of school, we can offer you a fruitful career path, an invigorating office culture, and ample benefits to make employment here worth your while.


Our Current Openings

NEW! Intermediate Project Manager (New York City)

Intermediate project managers at Mancini get to operate on a spectacular level: base building projects that are altering the skyline of the city and long-term on-call relationships with some of the biggest developers in the City. Assignments this complex need to be managed by people well-versed in a wide variety of project types—and possessing a certain kind of temperament that provides calm oversight of a project team potentially consisting of hundreds. We want to know if you’re one of this rare breed of architectural rock star.

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Intermediate Technical Designer (New York City)

Maybe you’ve put in five years of technical coordination work in the design industry and you’re thinking it’s time to take your career to the next level. We understand—we might be perfect for you. Mancini is a 100-year-firm that’s always been restless like you. We’re expanding our horizons, ambling into new roles, new kinds of projects, and new ways to wow clients. And we need the involvement of technical designers to help us get there. Does that sound like a challenge you’d be interested in?

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Junior Technical Designer (New York City)

It takes practice and experience before serving as the project architect on large, complex projects like the ones Mancini works on. It means working as a junior technical designer, honing one’s technical and communication skills, and assuming greater and greater leadership responsibilities. We’re building an army of professionals, a team who can take on any kind of architecture or interior assignment—and to do so, we’re ready to work with you at the junior level to make your career goals a reality. Do you want in?

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